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Amidino TIC

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Amidino TIC Definition

One of 800 terephthalanilides synthesized and tested preclinically in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Chosen in the 1990's for further clinical investigation by the NCI's Project for the Review of Old Drugs because of its structure and activity spectrum.

Amidino TIC Synonyms

Amidino TIC, 1, 4-Benzenedicarboximidamide, N, N''-bis[4-[Imino(methylamino)methyl]phenyl]-, Tetrahydrochloride, 1, 4-Benzenedicarboximidamide, N, N''-bis[4-[imino(methylamino)methyl]phenyl]-, tetrahydrochloride, HR 2166, Symetamine, Terephthalamidine, N, N''-bis[p-(Methylamidino)phenyl]-, Tetrahydrochloride, Terephthalamidine, N, N''-bis[p-(methylamidino)phenyl]-, tetrahydrochloride

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