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Angiogenesis Inhibitor

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Angiogenesis Inhibitor Definition

An agent or endogenous substance that inhibits the formation and growth of blood or lymphatic vessels. In cancer therapy, angiogenesis inhibitors target blood vessels that supply tumors, thereby inhibiting tumor growth. (NCI04)

Angiogenesis Inhibitor Synonyms

Angiogenesis Inhibitor, Angiogenesis Antagonists, Angiogenesis Blockers, Anti-Angiogenic Agents, Antiangiogenesis Agents, angiogenesis inhibitor, antiangiogenic

Terms in Angiogenesis Inhibitor category

Angiogenesis Activator Inhibitor
Dextromethorphan Acetic Acid
Endothelial-Specific Integrin-Survival Signaling Inhibitor
Endothelial Cell Inhibitor

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