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Antineoplastic Antibiotic

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Antineoplastic Antibiotic Definition

Therapeutic agents isolated naturally from microorganisms or synthesized chemically that kills or inhibits the growth of tumor cells. Antineoplastic antibiotics can interfere with the normal function of cellular nucleic acids and proteins. (NCI04)

Antineoplastic Antibiotic Synonyms

Antineoplastic Antibiotic, Anticancer Antibiotic, Anticancer Antibiotics, Antineoplastic Antibiotics, Antitumor Antibiotic, Antitumor Antibiotics, anticancer antibiotics, antineoplastic antibiotics, antitumor antibiotics

Terms in Antineoplastic Antibiotic category

Chromomycin Antibiotic
Depsipeptide Antibiotic
Distamycin Antibiotic
Miscellaneous Antineoplastic Antibiotic

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