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Biomarker Definition

A variation in cellular or biochemical components or processes, structures, or functions that is objectively measurable in a biological system and that characterizes normal biologic processes, pathogenic processes, an organism's state of health or disease, likelihood of developing a disease, prognosis, or response to a particular therapeutic intervention. Biomarkers include but not limited to such phenotypic parameters as specific enzyme or hormone concentration, specific gene phenotype, presence or absence of biological substances.

Biomarker Synonyms

Biomarker, Biological Marker, Biological Markers, Biomarkers, Marker, Molecular Marker, Signature Molecule, biomarkers, marker

Terms in Biomarker category

Differentiation Antigen
Disease Marker
End Point
Genomic Biomarker
Metabolic Marker
Molecular Signature
Prognostic Marker
Risk Marker
T-Cell Marker
Valid Biomarker

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