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Business Rules

Terms in Business Rules category

Animal Sources
Business Commerce Fiscal Consultation
Commercial Sources
Contingency Fund
Device Unattended
Employment Opportunities
Enhancing Accessibility to Health Care
Expanded Authorities
Extramural Activities
FDA Modernization Act of 1997
Foreign Component
Gender Minority Projection
Grant Referral and Review
Grant Review Process
Grants Preparing Applications
High Percent Effort
Improve Access
Industry Collaboration
Industry Collaborators
Non-Commercial Sources
Non-programmatically Aligned Cancer Center Research Member Section of Cancer Center Support Grant Application
Not Site Specific
Other Support Update
Pathology Other
Planning Evaluation and Analysis
Plant Sources
Reason for Non Completion
Regulated Product Review Process
Regulatory Affairs
Resource Sharing
Scientific Advances and Accomplishments
Special Activities Biological Resources
Special Interest Category Clinical Trials Code
Special Interest Category Special Area Code
Strategic Planning

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