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EKG Concept Definition

A category or class of terms related to electrocardiograms.

EKG Concept Synonyms

EKG Concept

Terms in EKG Concept category

EKG Maximum JT Duration
EKG Maximum PR Duration
EKG Maximum QT Duration
EKG Maximum RR Duration
EKG Maximum ST Deviation
EKG Mean JT Duration
EKG Mean PR Duration
EKG Mean P Axis
EKG Mean QRS Axis
EKG Mean QRS Duration
EKG Mean QT Duration
EKG Mean RR Duration
EKG Mean R Wave Amplitude
EKG Mean R plus S Amplitude
EKG Mean ST Deviation
EKG Mean ST Segment Duration
EKG Mean S Wave Amplitude
EKG Mean T Wave Area
EKG Mean T Wave Axis
EKG Mean T Wave Duration
EKG Mean T Wave Height
EKG Minimum JT Duration
EKG Minimum PR Duration
EKG Minimum QT Duration
EKG Minimum RR Duration
EKG Minimum ST Deviation
EKG P Wave
EKG QRS Complex
JTcB-Bazett Correction Formula
JTcF-Fridericia Correction Formula
JTcLC-Linear Correction Formula
Lead Placement
QTcB-Bazett Correction Formula
QTcF-Fridericia Correction Formula
QTcLC-Linear Correction Formula
QTci Individually Corrected
Vectorcardiograph Corrected
Vectorcardiograph Uncorrected

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