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ERBB3 wt Allele

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ERBB3 wt Allele Definition

Human ERBB3 wild-type allele is located within 12q13 and is approximately 23 kb in length. This allele, which encodes receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-3 protein, is involved in the regulation of celullar proliferation and differentiation. Amplification or overexpression of this gene, has been documented in several solid tumors and cancers, including prostate, bladder, and breast.

ERBB3 wt Allele Synonyms

ERBB3 wt Allele, EGF Receptor 3 Gene, HER3, V-ERB-B2 Erythroblastic Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog 3 (Avian) wt Allele

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