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Event Occurrence Definition

An indication or description that something has occurred.

Event Occurrence Synonyms

Event Occurrence, YN

Terms in Event Occurrence category

Adverse Event Associated with Serious Medical Event
Adverse Event Ongoing
Adverse Event associated with Hospitalization
Concomitant Medication Occurrence
Concomitant Medication Ongoing
Concomitant Medication Previous Occurrence
Concomitant Medication Use Occurrence
Disposition Continuation
Electrocardiogram Performed
Exposure Dose Adjustment
Inclusion Exclusion Criteria Occurrence
Laboratory Test Performed
Laboratory Test Protocol Test Conditions Occurrence
Medical History Controlled
Medical History Occurrence
Medical History Ongoing
Occurrence of Adverse Event
Occurrence of Physical Exam
Protocol Deviation Occurrence
Site Unblinding Occurrence
Study Treatment Course Completion Occurrence
Substance Use Occurrence
Test Occurrence

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