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FABP Family Gene Definition

These genes encode the intracellular fatty acid-binding proteins (FABPs). Fatty acid metabolism in mammalian cells depends on a flux of fatty acids, between the plasma membrane and mitochondria or peroxisomes for beta-oxidation, and between other cellular organelles for lipid synthesis. FABPs are divided into at least three distinct types, namely the hepatic-, intestinal- and cardiac-type. They form 14-15 kDa proteins and at least 3 different FABPs play a role as transport vehicles of these hydrophobic compounds throughout the cytoplasm. They may participate in the uptake, intracellular metabolism and/or transport of long-chain fatty acids. They may also be responsible in the modulation of cell growth and proliferation. (from LocusLink 2170)

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FABP Family Gene

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FABP1 Gene
FABP2 Gene
FABP3 Gene
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FABP5 Gene

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