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Funding Category Definition

The specific subdivisions in a classification scheme of funding activities.

Funding Category Synonyms

Funding Category

Terms in Funding Category category

Alternative Medicine Direct
Alternative Medicine Indirect
Blood and Blood Products
Bone and Cartilage Funding
Cancer Patient and Depression and Suicide
Causation Research Budget Activity
Colon Rectum
Control Budget Activity
Depression and Suicide
Differentiation and Growth
Education and Outreach
Facility Construction
HIV and HIV Genome
Health and Behavior Intramural Dollars
Health and Behavior Training Dollars
Herpes Total
Medicine Precancer
Minority Health and Assistance Targeted
New Agent
Nutrition Training Dollars
Other Types of Training
Preparation for Vaccine Efficacy Trials
Prevention Capacity Enhancement
Primary Nutrition NCI Program
Research Facilities
Research Funding Categories
Research Infrastructure
Research Training
Risk Factors and Mechanisms of HIV Transmission
State and Local Projects Risk Assessment and Prevention
Training in Biomedical and Behavioral Research
Training of Investigators
Underserved Other Than Rural Health
Underserved Rural Health
Urologic Excluding Kidney
Vaccine Development Total

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