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Glycosyltransferase Gene

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Glycosyltransferase Gene Definition

Genes that encode the class of enzymes that catalyze the transfer of glycosyl groups to an acceptor; often another carbohydrate molecule, a protein, or inorganic phosphate. Some enzymes in this class catalyze hydrolysis - the transfer of a glycosyl group to water. Subclasses include Hexosyltransferases, Pentosyltransferases, and Sialyltransferases. (NCI)

Glycosyltransferase Gene Synonyms

Glycosyltransferase Gene

Terms in Glycosyltransferase Gene category

ECGF1 Gene
EXT1 Gene
EXT2 Gene
EXTL1 Gene
EXTL2 Gene
EXTL3 Gene
HPRT1 Gene
NP Gene
SIRT6 Gene
UGT1A1 Gene

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