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Hyperplasia Definition

An abnormal increase in the number of cells in an organ or a tissue with consequent enlargement.

Hyperplasia Synonyms

Hyperplasia, HYPERPLASIA, Hyperplastic, hyperplasia

Terms in Hyperplasia category

Adrenal Gland Hyperplasia
Basal Cell Hyperplasia
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Bone Marrow Hyperplasia
Epidermal Hyperplasia
Foveolar Hyperplasia
Glandular Hyperplasia
Intraductal Hyperplasia
Intraepithelial Melanocytic Hyperplasia
Mesonephric Hyperplasia
Mesothelial Hyperplasia
Parathyroid Hyperplasia
Reticuloendothelial Hyperplasia
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Squamous Hyperplasia
Stromal Hyperplasia
Tubal Epithelial Hyperplasia
Urothelial Hyperplasia

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