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Metabolic Pathways Definition

An elaboration of the known steps and interactions for the metabolism of a compound.

Metabolic Pathways Synonyms

Metabolic Pathway, Metabolic Pathways, Metabolism

Terms in Metabolic Pathways category

Acetyl Group Shuttle Pathway
Amino Acid Metabolism Pathway
Anandamide Metabolism Pathway
Arachidonic Acid Metabolism Pathway
Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites Pathway
Carbohydrate Metabolism Pathway
Cofactors and Vitamins Metabolism Pathway
Degradation Pathway
Eicosanoid Metabolism Pathway
Electron Transport Pathway
Energy Metabolism Pathway
Food Intake and Energy Homeostasis Pathway
Glycan Biosynthesis and Metabolism Pathway
Glycolysis Pathway
Glycoprotein Biosynthesis Pathway
Leloir Pathway of Galactose Metabolism
Lipid Metabolism Reference Pathway
Malate-Aspartate Shuttle Pathway
Metabolic Pathways of Other Amino Acids
Mitochondrial Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase Pathway
Nucleotide Metabolism Pathway
Regulation of Cholesterol Metabolism Pathway
Ribosomal Biogenesis Pathway
Sphingoglycolipid Metabolism Pathway
Sphingophospholipid Biosynthesis Pathway
Sterol Biosynthesis Pathway

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