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Natural Product Definition

Any part of microorganisms, plants, or animals that has been processed, extracted or is whole.

Natural Product Synonyms

Natural Product, Natural Products

Terms in Natural Product category

Abies Oil
Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract
Angelica Sinensis Extract
Apocynum Fluidextract
Aralia Fluid Extract
Aralia Oil
Arnica Extract
Artemisia Oil
Artemisia absinthium
Asarum Canadense Extract
Asclepias Fluidextract
Asclepias Syriaca Fluid Extract
Avens Extract
Babassu Oil
Baptisia Fluidextract
Bearberry Fluidextract
Bellis Perennis Extract
Black Tea
Black Walnut Extract
Blueberry Leaf Extract
Boldo Leaf Oil
Borago officinalis
Broccoli Sprout Extract
Buchu Leaves Extract
Buckthorn Extract
Burdock Fluidextract
Burdock Fruit
Burnet Extract
Cajeput Oil
Calamus Oil
Calendula Extract
Calendula Oil
Camellia Oil
Camphor Oil
Cascarilla Oil
Cassia Oil
Castor Oil
Cat Hair
Cedar Leaf Oil
Celery Extract
Celery Oil
Centaurium Erythraea Extract
Chamomile Tea
Chaulmoogra Oil
Chenopodium Oil
Chinese Chrysanthemum Extract
Chinese Quince Extract
Chionanthus Fluidextract
Cicada Periostracum
Citronella Extract
Clematis Vitalba Extract
Coffee Bean
Collinsonia Extract
Comfrey Extract
Comfrey Root Extract
Coneflower Extract
Copaiba Oil
Coriander Extract
Cottonseed Meal
Cottonseed Oil
Crataegus Berries
Crataegus Extract
Dandelion Extract
Digitalis Extract
Dioscorea Villosa Extract
Dog Rose Extract
Dragon s Blood
Ephedra Leaf
Ephedra Sinica Extract
Equisetum Arvense Extract
Equisetum Hyemale Extract
Eucalyptus Extract
Eucalyptus Oil
Euphorbia Pilulifera Extract
Evening Primrose Oil
Everlasting Extract
Fermented Soybean Protein
Foeniculum Oil
Foeniculum Vulgare Extract
Frangula Bark
Freesia Extract
Galbanum Oil
Gardenia Fruit
Gardenia Fruit Extract
Gelsemium Fluidextract
Gentian Fluidextract
Geranium Extract
Ginkgo Extract
Green Tea
Green Tea Lozenge
Grindelia Fluidextract
Guaiac Oil
Guar Gum
Hare s Ear Root
Heartwood pterocarpus Marsupium
Heather Extract
Hibiscus Extract
Hydrangea Powdered Extract
Hydrastis Canadensis Extract
Hydrastis Fluidextract
Hydrocotyle Asiatica Extract
Hyoscyamus Extract
Hypericum Extract
Hypericum Oil
Hypnea Musciformis Extract
Hyssop Extract
Ilex Extract
Impatiens Pallida Extract
Impatiens balsamina Bark
Isatis Extract
Jalap Resin
Juniper Berries
Juniper Berry Oil
Juniper Extract
Juniper Oil
Juniperus Virginiana Oil
Khaya Senegalensis Extract
Krameria Fluidextract
Kunecatechin Ointment
Lady s Thistle Extract
Lavandin Oil
Lavender Extract
Lecithin Soybean
Lobelia Oil
Lungwort Fluidextract
Magnolia Oil
Magnolia officinalis Cortex
Malt Extract Barley
Matricaria Oil
Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Mimosa Extract
Morinda citrifolia
Mushroom Extract
Myrcia Oil
Myrrh Extract
Neem Extract
Nerium Oleander Extract
Nettle Extract
Niaouli Oil
Nymphaea Odorata Extract
Opuntia Ficus Extract
Palm Oil
Passion Flower Extract
Patchouli Oil
Pelargonium Peltatum Oil
Pennyroyal Oil
Persic Oil
Persimmon Bark Extract
Persimmon Bark Oil
Peruvian Balsam
Pimenta Oil
Piperine Extract Standardized
Plant Part
Plumeria Extract
Poison Ivy Extract
Poison Oak Extract
Poison Sumac Extract
Pomegranate Liquid Extract
Primula Veris Extract
Pulsatilla Extract
Queen of the Prairie Extract
Quercus Fluidextract
Quillaja Saponaria Extract
Quince Seed Oil
Quinoa Oil
Rape Honey
Raw Sugar
Rose Oil
Rose Petal Extract
Rose Seed Oil
Rosewood Oil
Rumex Fluidextract
Ruta Graveolens Extract
Saffron Crocus Extract
Salvia Officinalis Extract
Sanguinaria Fluidextract
Sassafras Oil
Savin Fluidextract
Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract
Schizonepeta Tenufolia Spike
Scutellaria Fluidextract
Senega Fluid Extract
Shea Butter
Shea Butter Extract
Soy Protein Isolate
Spigelia Fluidextract
Spruce Oil
Stillingia Fluidextract
Sunflower Honey
Syzygium aromaticum Fruit
Tansy Oil
Tea Rose Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Thuja Fluidextract
Thymus Extract
Thymus Oil
Trifolium Fluidextract
Ultra Emu Oil
Ulva Lactuca Extract
Viburnum Prunifolium Fluidextract
Vinca Rosea Extract
White Oak Bark
White Pepper
White Willow Extract
Wild Rose Extract
Wormwood Oil
Yarrow Flower

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