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Protective Agent Definition

A class of agents used in prophylactic or curative therapy to attenuate the negative side effects of toxins or drugs. Protective agents belong to various chemical classes, acting through various pharmacological mechanisms. They may neutralize exogenous poisons, coat mucosa for protection against physical or chemical damage, offer antioxidant protection against free radicals or ionizing radiation, or induce endogenous detoxifying enzymes. (NCI04)

Protective Agent Synonyms

Protective Agent, Protective Drug

Terms in Protective Agent category

Cardioprotective Agent
Chelating Agent
Chemoprotective Agent
Cryoprotective Agent
Dicobalt Edetate
Hepatoprotective Agent
Live Freeze-Dried Lactic Acid Bacteria Probiotic
Nephroprotective Agent
Neuroprotective Agent
Oxidized Glutathione
Radioprotective Agent
Sugammadex Sodium
Topical Myristyl Nicotinate Cream
Uricosuric Agent

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