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Pyk2 and Map Kinase Pathway Definition

This pathway is a compilation of Pyk2 effort cascades; in specific cell types the receptor and effectors will vary. Binding of a transmembrane receptor triggers the activation of Ca2+ signaling and PKC. The signal is then transmitted to Pyk2 and further to the small G protein Rac1. In turn, Rac1 initiatives the JNK cascade, starting with PAK followed by MEKK1, SEK1, and JNK. JNK activation causes induction of c-Jun gene binding. Pyk2 stimulation has also been shown to activate MKK3 leading to activation of p38. The other major mitogen activated kinase cascade for ERK1/2 is stimulated via RAS, RAF and MEKK1/2. (BioCarta)

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