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Taxon Definition

Ranked categories for the classification of organisms according to their suspected evolutionary relationships.

Taxon Synonyms

Taxon, Biological Taxon, Taxonomy

Terms in Taxon category

Class Taxon
Family Taxon
Forma Taxon
Genus Taxon
Infraclass Taxon
Infraorder Taxon
Kingdom Taxon
No Rank
Order Taxon
Parvorder Taxon
Phylum Taxon
Species Group Taxon
Species Subgroup Taxon
Species Taxon
Subclass Taxon
Subfamily Taxon
Subgenus Taxon
Subkingdom Taxon
Suborder Taxon
Subphylum Taxon
Subspecies Taxon
Subtribe Taxon
Superclass Taxon
Superfamily Taxon
Superkingdom Taxon
Superorder Taxon
Superphylum Taxon
Tribe Taxon
Variety Taxon

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