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Genes that encode products which participate in translation, a complex mechanism that occurs on ribosomes. During this process, a peptide or protein is synthesized by utilizing an mRNA transcript to specify the sequence of amino acids in the resulting polypeptide. There are numerous translation process genes, as the synthesis of polypeptides requires ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA, GTP and proteins involved specifically in the activation of amino acids, initiation of synthesis, elongation and termination of synthesis.

Translation Process Gene Synonyms

Translation Process Gene

Terms in Translation Process Gene category

C22orf19 Gene
DDX1 Gene
EEF1A1 Gene
EEF1A2 Gene
EEF2 Gene
EIF2B1 Gene
EIF2B2 Gene
EIF2B4 Gene
EIF2B5 Gene
EIF3S6 Gene
EIF4EL3 Gene
EIF4G1 Gene
LIN28 Gene
Ribosome Subunit Gene
SUI1 Gene

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