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UML Entity Definition

caBIO domain objects represent entities found in biomedical research. The objects simulate the behavior of components such as genes, chromosomes, sequences, libraries, clones, and ontologies. The caBIO objects include the behavior (operations) and the relationships that the actual bioinformatics objects have, for example, a gene can retrieve its EST's, SNP's, or clones. (from National Cancer Institute Center for Bioinformatics)

UML Entity Synonyms

UML Entity, caBIO Entity

Terms in UML Entity category

Administered Component
Administered Component Concept
Administered Component Designation
Application Context
Association Class
Attribute Set Descriptor
Audit Object
Authentication Policy Configuration Name
Bioassay Class
Biomaterial Treatment
CMAP Ontology ID
Carcinogenic Intervention
Class Scheme Class Scheme Item
Classification Scheme
Classification Scheme Item
Classification Scheme Item Relationship
Classification Scheme Relationship
Cluster Node
Component Concept
Component Load
Composite Group
Composite Position
Composite Sequence
Composite Sequence Dimension
Concatenation Character
Conceptual Domain
Container Object
Data Cube
Data Element Concept
Data Element Derivation
Data Element Module
Data Element Relationship
Date Available
Definition Class Scheme Item
Deleted Indicator
Derivation Rule
Derivation Type
Derived Data Element
Describable Class
Design Element
Designation Class Scheme Item
Disease Object
Disease Ontology Object
Disease Relationship Object
EVS Code Type
Enhanced Symbol
Experiment Object
Expression Experiment Object
Expression Feature
Expression Measurement Array
Expression Measurement Object
Extendable Class
Feature Strand Type
GO Ontology Object
GO Ontology Relationship
Genbank Accession Number Versioned
Gene Alias
Gene Delivery
Gene Relative Location Object
Genomic Segment
Genotype Summary
Group Object
Group Role Context
Hardware Application
High Value Number
Identifiable Class
Integration Type
Invivo Result
Jax Info
Low Value Number
Manufacture LIMS
Map Location Object
Maximum Length Number
Measured Bioassay
Minimum Length Number
Mismatch Information
Name-Value Pair
Object Class
Object Class Relationship
Object Relationship
Organ Relationship Object
Parameterizable Application
Parameterizable Object
Party Role
Person Info
Protection Element
Protection Element Attribute
Protection Group
Protection Group Role Context
Protein Info
Protocol Application Object
Protocol Association
Protocol Forms Set
Protocol Requirement Object
Quantitation Type
Quantitation Type Dimension
Reporter Dimension
Reporter Group
Repository Info
Representation Component
Role Privilege
SNP Info
Screening Result
Search Criteria
Security Role Object
Service-Object Pair
Source Role
Study Object
Test Context
Therapy Object
Transgene Conditionality
Traverse Down
User Privilege
User Role Context
Value Domain
Value Domain Concept
Value Domain Permissible Value
Value Domain Relationship
Value Meaning
Visible To

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